I was asked if a mqllock protected indicator can be loaded with iCustom from another Strategy or Indicator which is not protected..

Setup for Test

I have taken ForceIndex Indicator to get started, then submitted it to mqllock using https://mqllock.com/start/ and after several minutes i had a protected version. I have installed Protected version to my computer and applied both (protected and original to chart to see if it works after protection)


All seems to work well so far with open license. Now its time to write a test mql code like seen:

void OnTick()

   // Original Indicator with iCustom
   double Ret1 = iCustom(Symbol(),Period(),"ForceIndex",13,0,0,0,0);   
   // Protected Indicator with iCustom
   double Ret2 = iCustom(Symbol(),Period(),"MQLLock_5200_ForceIndex_rev1",13,0,0,0,0);
   // Output
   Print("Original = "+DoubleToStr(Ret1,2)+" Protected = "+DoubleToStr(Ret2,2));      

As you see i am calling original indicator with iCustom and Protected one with iCustom. Manual page for iCustom is very well written and worth to check.

It works!

The results are very well like seen here on output; Original called iCustom values are exactly same as Protected version:


I have tried same with Account Number Licensing, it has worked too same good. As last test i have removed the license on mqllock administration panel and restarted the Metatrader4 Terminal, it has closed the terminal with insufficient license error! All works perfectly.


MQLLock protected indicators applied to chart or called from iCustom works perfectly. No issues at all. All Features are compatible. Enjoy it