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Create perfect trading system in Easylanguage

Easylanguage has look-forward-protection, means you cannot get access to future. This is something very good, this avoids to make mistakes. Some platforms such as Wealth-Lab4 did not have such protection. […]

StrategyQuant Ranking Selection

Did you ever think what is the “best” ranking selection criteria in StrategyQuant to build your selected strategies? This is an essential question because StrategyQuant searches millions of strategies and […]

Draw History Trades to MT4 Chart

To evaluate someones trading style, its important to see trades visually on chart. Services such as myfxbook or signalauditor does very good analyse of trades and their metrics but to […]

Put any Image with mt4gui

Do you want to put your logo as image and impress your clients with your programming-skills? Mt4gui is perfect tool to master this Requirements We assume you use mt4gui framework, […]

Tradestation´s slow FileAppend

Tradestation and Multicharts Fileappend command is too slow for many operations. Here i would like to introduce a solution Compatibility This library is not dedicated for Tradestation. It will work […]

iCustom Indicator with MQLLock

I was asked if a mqllock protected indicator can be loaded with iCustom from another Strategy or Indicator which is not protected.. Setup for Test I have taken ForceIndex Indicator […]