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This tool is able to read HST Format of Metatrader4.


It supports old and new format of HST. You can use this tool to verify your hst files. As many of you know HST Format has changed from Build 600+. This tool supports both versions automatically. We plan to extend this tool towards your needs. Please give us your feedbacks about our tool. This tool is complementary for our users and its Freeware


  • Old & New HST Format is supported
  • Able to load only a portion to reduce load time
  • Loads HST in background to avoid freezes, this way you can load huge files too
  • Completely freeware



HSTViewer is freeware. You can distribute if completely free. It can also be included to your installation packages.


Version Description Download
  • GUI Update
  • Several bugs fixed
  • Loadsize selection implemented
  • Possible to load files over 10.000 rows
  • Date column sortable
Download v1.6
  • Initial version. Enjoy it!
Download v1.4