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MT4Ticker helps you develop software for slow moving and motionless markets. MetaTrader executes your project according to each tick, and MT4Ticker simulates ticks by transmitting them to the terminal. By doing this, MetaTrader will think that the market is moving.


This tool is designed for MetaTrader4. MetaTrader4 Expert Advisors functions according to each tick. This means strategies can be developed or tested only during stock market hours. You may want to develop or debug your EA during the weekend when there are no ticks.

To help mitigate this issue, run the following tool and set up tick interval. Afterward, MetaTrader4 will start receiving ticks. Please note that those ticks affect neither price (e.g., bid, ask) nor volume.

The tool automatically detects opening and closing MetaTrader4 terminals and shows a caption with their full .exe paths. Sometimes you may have to open multiple terminals. You may also want to send ticks only to selected terminals. To disable ticks for a particular terminal, uncheck it.

Newer operating systems such as Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows Server Edition have strict security policies. If you run your terminal as administrator but run MT4Ticker as a normal user, you won’t be able to send ticks to certain terminals on account of the system’s security policy. This issue may also appear in situations where both the terminal and the tool are running on different users. Rest assured that our tool automatically detects permission issues, graying out problematic terminals for you (as seen in the following screenshot). If a MetaTrader4 terminal appears gray (as in the screenshot), you have two ways to fix this problem. The first step is to run MT4 as administrator. The second is to run MetaTrader4 with the same MetaTrader4 terminal user.

MetaTrader4 can pause ticks with a single button. Current status of MT4 will display as online. To prevent lag in the system, the minimum interval for each tick is ten milliseconds.


  • MetaTrader4 supports all builds (including new releases)
  • Automatically detects crashed terminals and restores them with the WATCH function (option to enable or disable specific terminals)
  • Written in C++
  • Ability to pause and unpause ticks for individual terminals
  • Adjust tick interval (adjusted values will be saved in the registry for next time)
  • Systray support available
  • Free of charge FOREVER
  • Hotkey support (assign shortcuts for multiple functions)
  • “Always on Top” option
  • Unlimited MetaTrader terminals
  • Receive frequent updates
  • “Auto Update” for Hotfixes
  • Ability to send suggestions or report bugs from the interface



Watch Function

This function has been available since Ticker 2.0. You can mark “watched” for any supported MetaTrader4 terminal. All watched terminals are automatically monitored to defend against unwanted closes and crashes. Ticker automatically detects crashing clients and restarts them for you even if you’re not at the computer. You can find additional details about crashes in the logs.


MT4Ticker is freeware that has been tested again and again by many online communities. Although no bugs have been reported for MT4Ticker, we are ready to provide immediate Hotfixes. That’s what makes this product so great. We constantly update it to ensure users’ continued satisfaction.


Download and unpack the archive file to a folder. Double-click the MT4Ticker.exe file to start it. We recommend running the file as administrator. In newer versions of Windows, UAC is implemented. This feature is another form of access control. If the MetaTrader terminal is running as administrator, other accounts will not be able to send commands to processes. That’s why we recommend starting MT4Ticker as administrator for best results. (MT4Ticker automatically detects permission problems and grays out inaccessible terminals.)


Version Description Download
  • Metatrader build >=920 support
Download v3.50
  • Several bugs fixed.
  • All Metatrader builds including 0646 is supported
  • Please upgrade
  • Several bugs fixed.
  • All Metatrader builds including 0604 is supported
  • Please upgrade
  • We support MetaTrader builds 0540 and above. This version is being tested by MetaQuotes as a potential release (will be released soon). In the meantime, we've already released MT4Ticker, which supports the latest MetaTrader4 Terminals including beta.
  • We are now requiring users to register so that we can send them updates.
  • Please upgrade
Download v3.20
  • MetaTrader Build 0500 and above implemented
  • Critical bugs fixed, please upgrade
  • Engine completely rewritten
  • Bugs fixed
  • MetaTrader Build 416 and above implemented
  • Watch function available
  • Hotfix: MT4 Build 406 patch implemented
  • New Look & Feel implemented
  • "Always on Top" Feature implemented
  • Several bugs fixed
  • Shortcut support implemented
  • Default tick interval is now 1000ms
  • Manual ticks can be sent
  • Small bug fixed
  • Initial version for beta testing open

Frequently Asked Questions

Can i use MT4Ticker with Metatrader5 ?

A: We don’t support MetaTrader5 because the trader community didn’t accept it. Not many people use MetaTrader5, so we don't see a reason to support it.

What is the minimum interval for ticks?

A: At this moment, we don't support sending ticks below 200ms. Sending ticks too often can cause problems.

Terminals are gray. What’s wrong?

A: Please read our comments in the Installation section. To access all terminals, we recommend that you start Ticker as administrator

Do you support all MetaTrader builds?

A: Yes, we do. If you notice any problems, please contact us immediately so that we can create an update. In these updates, we try to accomodate all MetaTrader builds.

Why can’t I download older versions?

A: MetaQuotes auto updates all MetaTrader builds above 0500. This means that you can’t use older MetaTrader versions since older Ticker versions support only older MetaTrader versions. We don't permit older versions to be downloaded.

Can I send Ticker to my clients for free?

A: Yes, send it to anyone FOR FREE.

Can you provide the source code for Ticker?

A: No, we provide only its executable file.

: Do you offer support for this tool?

A: Yes, we do. Please contact us for assistance

I want to suggest a feature. Will you consider it?

A: We welcome ideas and try to implement them in later versions. Please send us your suggestions. You can also use the interface to report bugs. Rest assured that we'll read ALL your suggestions.