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Strategy & Indicator Development

We are specialized in strategy & indicator development for Metatrader4, Metatrader5, Tradestation 8 & 9, Wealth-Lab and NinjaTrader. To develop a strategy, it is not enough to know just the language itself, you also need trader experience, as otherwise you will get a result that is by no means related to the market. What you need is a trader developer rather than a developer. The importance of being a trader is very essential.

We have developed hundreds of projects since 2008 and we are proud of staying focused to the trading market. We are also proud of our experience, as it constitutes the basis for your trust and confidence to build upon. Entrusting your money to an experienced team should always be your principal goal.



We provide a very specialized consulting service for development, trading, strategies and backtesting. Contact our experienced team to get help for your projects or let our team audit your source code.

Imagine yourself demanding the development of a strategy and then entrust all your money to it. Don’t you think that you should have this code audited by another developer to make sure that everything is safe? Even small bugs or logical mistakes may dry out your bank account. Consulting in and around Forex is a very essential and serious business.

If you are searching for a team to develop your ideas, we would be glad to offer you our consulting services or to find the right team for you. You do not need to pick our own development team. Our consulting team will help you to find the team that fits best to your requirements.

Maybe you want us to audit your backtest results or even audit your new ideas. Experience is everything in the trading market. Use our experience to save money and time. Please do not save on the wrong spot. Contact us to get a quote for our consulting services. We will sign an NDA with you and give you a proposal and timeline to get started.


Custom Development

Most trading platforms are made for mainstream users. Mainstream users are traders who do not have huge development skills. Most of them are using only GUI anyway.

Due to this reason trading platforms are kept on a basic level. This can unfortunately become a big problem sometimes, if you want to archive more complex projects. We can help you extend your platform using custom development. We will provide you a full source code and sign an NDA to gain your confidence.

Our team is focused on trading platforms and extensions. You can check our Products to view some of our public freeware products and get a better understanding of our experience.