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This Application is able to find reliable Trading Strategies for Forex, Equity, Futures traders. This tool can generate Strategies for Metatrader4, Metatrader5 and Ninjatrader. You can imagine StrategyQuant also as a tool to generate new trading ideas that immediately transforms these ideas into runnable EA.


Manual development of a new trading strategy is a slow process.It starts with trader using his experience and knowledge to pick up the elements of the trading strategy like technical indicators, price patterns, entry and exit order types and general strategy design.When the prototype is finished, strategy is tested on the historical data to prove its profitability. The backtest often reveals that the strategy results are not acceptable. So the trader has to alter it, add or change some indicators, try different ideas, different values and then test it again.It is a long trial-and-error process with numerous iterations, revisions and testing until the strategy achieves acceptable results.


StrategyQuant is a strategy development platform that uses machine learning techniques and genetic programming to automatically generate new automated trading systems for any market or timeframe. StrategyQuant requires only a fraction of the second to automatically generate new trading strategy. It uses various combinations of technical indicators and price patterns as the entry rules, combines it with various order types (market, limit, ...) and with various exit rules (fixed profit target, trailing stop, etc..).Then it tests the new strategy on the historical data to find out if it is profitable.

StrategyQuant can do this over and over again, generating and testing tens of the new unique strategies every second! All you have to do is pick up the best ones!


  • Metatrader4, Metatrader5 Support
  • Ninjatrader Support
  • TradeStation Support from version 3.8
  • Lifetime licence with all future upgrades for free!
  • Premium Private Support with all your questions
  • Access to private community forum
  • Brute Force / Genenic Algoritm modes
  • You can import your own Data
  • Dozens of built-in indicators to use by search
  • In Sample/Out Sample concept for reliable results
  • Very detailed strategy reports to gain trust
  • Many filtering options to filter entry/exit rules
  • Filtering options to filter found strategies.
  • Create strategies automatically according to given conditions


Powerpoint Presentation

We have prepared a Powerpoint Presentation to teach you Strategy Quant philosophy. Please check this Presentation online.

Video Demonstration

Sample Strategies

Do you want to see sample strategies made with strategy-quant ? Check sample strategies page

Licence & Editions

Strategy Quant is available in 2 different versions. First version is Starter and does not have WFO, Robusness Test and Custom Indicator support. Professional version is full version with all mentioned features for advanced use. You can compare editions here

Sponsored Product

Strategy Quant is a product from our partner and sold & supported separately from our partners at http://www.strategyquant.com/. Fx1 Inc is partnered with SQ and if you purchase SQ through us, you will get 30% discount! In order to purchase this product with our discounts, you can either apply the coupon by your purchase at http://www.strategyquant.com/purchase (Offer is valid until June 4, 2024)

14-day trial version

14-day free trial with full features is free of charge. Best way to learn the software is to try it with Trial. In order to start trial please follow instructions at http://www.strategyquant.com/trial. You will receive Trial Licence emailed to your account.

30% Discount

We offer 30% discount to all Fx1 Clients. Make sure you use our coupon to purchase Starter or Professional Edition. (Offer is valid until June 4, 2024)

How to purchase

Please use http://www.strategyquant.com/purchase link to purchase Strategy Quant, also make sure you use our 30% Discount coupon for Strategy Quant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do i need to be a developer?

A: Not necessarily, if you are willing to learn.Any experience with automatic trading and strategy testing and valuation is a plus, but I cover most of the basics in the articles and Users Guide.

Do you offer professional Support?

A: Yes, you will receive personal assistance and support with the purchase of the system. You can contact strategyquant.com with any program or trading related question and we will be happy to help you.

Do you generate BlackBox Strategies?

A: Source code generated by the program is not protected in any way. You will get source code for; Metatrader and NinjaTrader.You'll get the complete source code for the strategy, nothing is hidden.

Can i re-sell/sell strategies i have got from Strategy Quant?

A: Yes, if you own the full version of StrategyQuant. The generated strategies are yours and you can do whatever you want with it.

How reliable are the results?

A: StrategyQuant offers several techniques to make sure the startegy is robust. The basic technque is testing the strategy on unknown data. If the strategy is curve fitted, it will fail on the "unknown" part of data. StrategyQuant also contains features to perform robustness tests to makesure the strategyis really robust.