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This tool provides a setup utility to install your Expert Advisor and its dependency files (e.g., DLLS, Indicators, Sound Files).


EASetup is designed to create a setup wizard for clients. Sometimes installing or setting up projects in MetaTrader isn’t easy, but EASetup can guide you and your clients through the installation process. It can also install third party items such as DLLs, .exe files, sound files, and templates. You can postpone executions or set up the "Autostart" application instead. In addition, EASetup can help you create optional program groups.

Features Free Edition

  • MetaTrader4 supports all builds, old and new updates are covered
  • Define and set up "Autostart"
  • Customize banners, icons, and colors
  • Offer clients white-label solution
  • Uninstall software using Windows libraries (to ensure compatibility)
  • Define and have clients accept license agreements (i.e., README and "What’s New")
  • Automatically detect running terminals to avoid problems
  • Install an unlimited number of terminals with one setup
  • Free definable installation setup (i.e., use variables to install files to any terminal folder)
  • Available installation targets (e.g., desktop, home, temp)
  • Automatically request administrator access (UAC) on recent operating systems
  • Save and load setup profiles as templates

Features Gold Edition

  • version >=2.60 has following features
  • 10+ Banners to choose from
  • WhiteLabel Installer, Installer does not contain our company name nor links



EASetup is freeware. Although it has everything you need to prepare, install, and uninstall projects and clients that use MetaTrader terminals, we are continuously designing enhancements for newer versions. Free version not time limited, you can use it forever for free. Our Gold Edition contains more feature than Free Edition.


Beginning with version 2.52 its possible to generate a debugging log from installer. Installer is the setup.exe file which is the product of EASetup itself. How to enable debugging? From EASetup.exe check 'Debug mode' from Options menu. If you have any bug you want to report, please enable Debugging using this menu and send us easetup.log. Where will easetup.log file generated? File is located under %temp% folder. To reach %temp% folder press WIN+r and type '%temp%' and press ENTER. Inside this folder find easetup.log file and send us this file to support@fx1.net address. Of course we will also need your name, your version, your operating system & problem description. We need to know exactly whats the issue to be able to analyse the log file.

Metatrader all builds supported now!

EASetup supports all versions of MT4 now. Latest available version for MT4 Build < 520 is 1.29. Starting from MT4 Build 600+ you have to use version 2.50+


Version Description Download
  • Support of all Metatrader4 Builds including /portable mode
  • Gold Edition is available
  • Several bug fixes and improvements in Interface
  • Recommended stable version
Download v2.60
  • Implemented new option to enable Debugging
  • See Debugging section
  • Extends version 2.50 with bug-fixes
  • Manual added Metatrader was not detected, now this problem has been solved
  • Make sure you start EASetup as Administrator
  • Support of {datadir} folder. This is new Data Directory model in latest MT4 Builds
  • {terminaldir} represents directory where terminal.exe is
  • {datadir} represents new UAC based datadir from new Metatrader Builds
  • Adapted everything to work with new MT4
  • Differences in User Interface
  • This version is more WhiteLabel, we have removed some of our signatures
  • New default installation banner
  • This version works with MT4 Builds > 520.
  • Several bugs solved
  • Old project files may not work here, make sure you create new project files please
  • You need to register yourself, this way we can send you announcements about EASetup
  • Crashing issue solved
  • Advanced directory support added
  • Amount of supported files to install increased
  • Latest stable release version for old Metatrader Builds < 0520
Download v1.29
  • Typos fixed
  • Release version
  • Copy & Paste bug fixed
  • Release version
  • New Hotfixes available
  • New Hotfixes
  • Parameter support
  • "Autostart" is operational
  • Release Candidate
  • New Hotfixes
  • Simultaneous installation of multiple MetaTrader4 terminals possible.
  • Broker bugs on MetaTrader4 fixed
  • MetaTrader detection logic improved
  • Update mechanism improved
  • New advanced options added to “Other Files” section
  • Several bugs fixed
  • Release of initial version (beta testing)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use EASetup with Metatrader5 ?

A: We don’t support MetaTrader5 because the trader community didn’t accept it. Also, only a small group of people use MetaTrader5, so there’s no reason for us to support it.

Can I use EASetup to install other application types?

A: Yes, but EASetup was originally designed to install MetaTrader projects only. That’s its purpose. If you want to install other application types, please use another installer.

Which MetaTrader versions do you support?

A: We support all builds of Metatrader4.